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  • Dreams and Views of a Student

      7 years ago | 0 comment

      My dream  – Sabse Khatarnak hota hai sapne ka mar jana (It is very dangerous, to die down your dreams) One day i saw a blissful dream at night. I saw a my wonderful world . My dream is  to become a celebrity,.i want earn lots of money ...

  • How to become a Tourist Guide

      7 years ago | 59 comments

        It is very curious question by the students of Tourism Enthusiasts and Tourism students posed to me is : How to become a Tourist Guide.Learn Tourism is a Educational organization in terms of Tourism Courses and Tourism Project Guidance. ...

  • IGNOU BTS Exams

      7 years ago | 15 comments

      To score good marks in IGNOU BTS Projects one has to prepare oneself well in the concerned courses of IGNOU Courses like TS1,TS-2,ts-3,TS-4,TS-05,ts-6,TS-7 ETC.Good fundamental knowledge of Fundamentals of Tourism is necessary in success of ...

  • IGNOU BTS MTM Assignments

      7 years ago | 9 comments

      How to write IGNOU Tourism BTS,MTM assignments   How to start writing an assignments Student successful completion of a writing assignment begins with an assignment for the instructor, the creation of a detailed assignment description. It is ...

  • Indian Polity

      suit of Narendra Modi
      4 years ago | 0 comment

      Why Narendra Modi​ is an Alchemist(who Turns stone into Gold) Activity-01 In lesser than One Years ..If u Invested INR 18000 IN SENSEX that would have been INR 29,000..WHOPPING 11,000 INR GAIN ACTIVITY-02 1) Wear a gifted pinstriped suit ...

  • Jobs and Career in Tourism Industry

  • Marketing and Sales

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      What is sales: Sales is part of Marketing process which brings the revenue, Money into the organization.Without sale the organization becomes dry and dead in the absence of revenue. What is Marketing Marketing is a holistic Social process which ...

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