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800 Muslims in Joshimath, Uttaranchal offered Eidgah Namaaz in the local Gurudwara! Joshimath doesn’t have a mosque and Muslims generally offer prayers in the open. This year it was raining heavily, making it impossible to offer prayers in the open.! The Sikhs invited Muslims to offer prayers at the Gurdwara. This act of brotherhood by the Sikhs, allowing Muslims to pray at the Gurudwara and the responsiveness of the Muslims [&hellip

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What is sales: Sales is part of Marketing process which brings the revenue, Money into the organization.Without sale the organization becomes dry and dead in the absence of revenue. What is Marketing Marketing is a holistic Social process which starts with the customer and ends with the customers.Marketing involves Idea generation,Marketing Research,Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning,Price,Distribution and Promotion that encompasses whole AIDA- Attention,Interest,Desire and Action,After-sales Services. Customer Complaint Redressal:  Mahatma Gandhi, the [&hellip

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