Air Fares Ticketing and Aviation Courses in Delhi

Air Fares,Ticketing Course and Aviation Training is very sought after course with youngsters today.We at Learn Tourism Delhi provide Training to be Part of Aviation,Travel,Air Fares and Ticketing as per below syllabus.Any youngster desirous of being part of the glamouros Aviation and Travel Industry can join our courses.The course will be imparted by imminent Industry Professionals.The placement Assistance will be provided

1st Class Introduction to International travel, Airlines, Travel agencies, working at airport and booking offices
2nd Introduction to IATA, ICAO and other agencies assisting airlines, laws of air
3rd World Geography, Countries, Capitals, Currencies
4th Placing of cities on maps of Asia, North Americstralia, Europe
5th Placing of cities on maps of Africa, Australia,
6th IATA Geography, Areas and other terms used in IATA
7th Documents for travel, Passports, Visa, Health documents, Introduction to TIM
8th Test, World time, time calculations, flying time calcultions, Introduction to OAG
9th Three letter city codes
10th two letter country codes,
11th Itinerary making, logical itinerary
12th Domestic travel, International travel, Type of Journeys, Type of fares, Normal & special fares
13th Tickets, Std Tickets, BSP tickets, E tickets
14th Point to point fares, One way fares using milage principle
15th Calculation of one way fares with stopover and with no stopover, EMA,Specified Routing EMS,
16th Calculation of one way fares with EMA
17th Calculation of one way fares with EMS, HIP
18th Difference beetween round trip fare and circle trip fares
19th Calculations of round trip fare, with HIP, EMS
20th Calculations of circle trip fares
21st Calculations of circle trip fares with EMA, SMS
22nd Calculation of fares cheapest combination
23rd Calculation of fares Open Jaw
24th Issuance of manual ticket, reading of tickets, Lenear fares
25th What is MCO, MPD
26th What is Credit Cards, Types of Credit Cards, UATP Cards
27th Calculations of Lowest combination of fars
28th Test, What is GDS, different type of Reservation systems available, Amadeus, Galilio, Sabre, Word Span
29th How do we check different things on Amadeus System
30th Reading Amadeus time table, Availability
31st Creation of PNR, Mandatory elements and optional elements
32nd Action codes, other supplimentary informations
33rd Retreiving bookings
34th fares display,
35th Queues

So be ready and tighten you seat-belts to highflying career in Aviation,Travel and Tourism.So log on to to kickstart your career in Aviation,Tourism and Travel.


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