Benefits of Tourism to the Society

Tourism and Travel provides enormous benefits to the human beings,Society.Tourism makes the society richer by spreading its economic benefits, in terms of Multiplier effects,Social benefits by making people closer and giving then  chance to understand each other better.Tourism enhances the peace,prosperity and happiness in the society and improves the universal friendship concept.It also improves the mutual coperation.

Just to give an example, recently i got a chance meet a cotraveller in the train again who in past gave me lift while travelling to a countryside.I as a humble gesture shared my space with him in the reserved compartment.

Multiplier Effect of Tourism : Tourism provides the benefit of Multiplier Effect of economics to the Tourism.For example if a Tourist spends Money for his expenditure that trickles down in the local economy of the place and it provides meal to Airport Rep to Hotel Employee as well the the local Tourist Guide and many more.In this way Tourism is phenomenon like Nuclear Fission which provides immense benefits to the society as a whole.

We at Learn Tourism New Delhi strive to educate and practice these benefits of Tourism to the Individual,Society  as well as the Nation.Our Home page is and we are based in New Delhi and will be happy to serve you


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Swapna Nair


Good Evening Sir

Once again good work from your side.Sir you should provide Mock Papers to students so that they can prepare thoroughly.




Thanks for the Suggestion to provide the Mock Papers.
We will work on this and will try to implement this.
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parmod kumar

I want to join tourist guide line.

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