Career Opportunitities in Travel Tourism and Cargo Management-By Mr Raghuvansh Nag

Here is a chance to learn a very exciting career in AVIATION and TOURISM MANAGEMENT at New Delhi. The job requires only interest in meeting people and serving them. It becomes more interesting as the communication skills improve and you are not afraid of talking in public. Though the job is challenging but there is no fun without challenges.

There are various authorities overlooking the working of aviation sector. These are Government authorities like ICAO (international Civil Aviation Organization) and group of airlines like IATA (International Air Transport Association). Both have their roles to play and are effective in implementation of the rules laid by them. These rules are important and have to be followed. IATA issues different books and all are important to assist in helping traveling public. Even United Nations assists in handling of the air-crafts.

The aviation jobs are technical and non- technical nature. We talk only of non-technical here, the ground handling job of the flights. The ground handling of flights is divided into passenger handling and cargo handling. The passenger handling can be both at the airports and at the reservation office. This include making of itineraries to suit the requirement of the traveller at most reasonable rates. As we know the ticketing is done electronically all intricacies should be in the knowledge of our students. Various passengers’ requirements are different and we make our students confident in assisting them to make the journey comfortable. Though Governments requirement like visa or items can be carried by the traveler is the responsibility of the traveller, but it becomes the duty of the handling staff to keep the traveller advised.

On the cargo front as the cargo is booked under Airway-bill, all rules governing the issuance of Airway-bill are informed as Airway-bill has to be issued by manually only unlike a passenger ticket which can be booked by the traveller on internet and also through agents. Various Government rules govern the movement of cargo and must be known before making a booking and issuing of airway-bill. Cargo is also of various types like general cargo, perishable cargo, valuable cargo, dangerous cargo etc. Various rules govern the handling of different type of cargo.For details of the courses provided at New Delhi please visit

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Raghuvansh Nag,

Mr Raghuvansh is an Travel and Aviation Mentor with Learn Tourism and his area ood Expertise is Aairlines,Travel and CRS,Galileo and Amadeus.


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