Diploma in Tourism Management

There are many institutes that claim in Delhi or outside Delhi that they provide Diploma in Tourism Management and PG Diploma in Tourism Management as well as Business Management however the fact of the matter is Diploma and PG Diploma should be AICTE Recognised.

Otherwise the education like Travel and Tourism doesnt require that at all as it is a vocational education and mostly vocational education are skill based.In my views the skill based educational courses just need those certification as an edorsement as mostly the skills can be imparted by an experienced person to a less experienced person.Thus it becomes a professional Institution.

Travel and Tourism as c can beest learnt on the Job.That is why providing an internship or On Job Training is the most important part of  the Tourism and Travel as a part of syllabus.

Of course the AIU approved or AICTE Approved formal degree has its own value, however our dream is to help not only the students of Delhi,Noida and Gurgaon but throughout India as well as globally through the online interface.

We at Learn Tourism New Delhi India strive to achieve the excellence in terms of Tourism Travel Courses.You can find the course details here http://www.learntourism.com/tourism-management

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