Importance of Customer Care in Marketing

What is sales:

Sales is part of Marketing process which brings the revenue, Money into the organization.Without sale the organization becomes dry and dead in the absence of revenue.

What is Marketing

Marketing is a holistic Social process which starts with the customer and ends with the customers.Marketing involves Idea generation,Marketing Research,Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning,Price,Distribution and Promotion that encompasses whole AIDA- Attention,Interest,Desire and Action,After-sales Services.

Customer Complaint Redressal: 

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation rightly conveyed “ Customer is the most important person in any organization. If there is a customer in the organization then the business exits otherwise business goes down.

The Customer complaint is an opportunity provided to the service provider by the customer. So every business Manager should think the complains as the opportunity and should do redressal of the complains in the positive manner. One should be empathizing with the customer rather than having sympathy with them. So rather than utilizing ” I understand what you are going through one should use ” I experience what you are going through”

The efficient and prompt handling of the complains turns the customers into well-wisher and friends.If rightly the redressal of complaints is being done the same customer becomes the Brand-Ambassador and the well-wisher of the organization.Because there is a rule of marketing which say if there is one satisfied customer the he convey it to Ten more customer and if there is one unsatisfied customer he conveys it to Fifteen remember one of the annoyed customers of a prestigious Inbound Tour Company turning into  the friend of the organization as right redressal of the complains was done and her problems was addressed in good Manner.

So Sales is part of holistic Marketing process where the customer care has its prominent importance.


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