Importance of Interview for Jobs in Tourism Travel Industry

Job Interview is a very important element in terms of getting Job in any of the Industry.Be it Tourism,Travel or any other Industry the right preparation of the Interview is necessary for clinching the Job.Interview gives an in-depth knowledge of a students knowledge and also provides insight into the persona of the candidate seeking the Job.

The word Interview means looking inside.So students and candidates should be taking the moke interview as as and when needed.Now we will discuss some of the points how to prepare oneself for the Job Interview in general and for Tourism and Travel Industry in particular.

1) One should revise all the important elements in the the course syllabus.For example a student studying Travel and Tourism Course should revise his general knowledge and the concept of the Country as well as capital etc what is a pre-requisite to be in the field of Travel and Tourism

2) One should get some mock interviews arranged for them by thier friends.This enhances the confidence of the student

3) Dress well for the Interview as you should be the best dressed person in the room. And it should be the neat and clean dress in sync with the persona of the Job.

4) Always reach Ten Minutes before in the Interview so that one should be comfortable and confident answering the questions of the Interviewer

5) Never lie in the Resume for the Interview and try as truthful as you can be. Because mostly the companies cross-check.


So all the best for an interview the candidates for getting selected in the Interview.

We at  provide interview tips to our students and prepare then well for GD (Group Discussions) and PI ( Personal Interviews)


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