Jobs And Career Options in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Tourism is a service industry giving one lots of opportunity to meet lots of people if one enjoys meeting people and making them happy. As per World Travel and Tourism Council ( W.T.T.C) estimates, about 207 million people employed in 2001 that existed because of the existence of Travel,Tourism,Hospitality and Allied Industy.About 8.2 % of total employed work-force in the world and 2.9 % of Total employed people in India are from the the dynamic Travel and Tourism Industry.As per Government of India Ministry of Tourism, currently more than 5 million people are employed in Travel and Tourism Industry.The Tourism Jobs can be interesting, remunerative and exciting which can be in the sectors of Airlines,Hotels,Travel Agencies,Tour Operators and that requires stamina,patience and How to Enter The Tourism Industry: Most of the entry in the Tourism Industry happens by the sake of experience however there are Schools, Institutes and Universities, that train people for the different skills needed for Tourism Jobs and there are Hotel Management Institutes and Tourism and Travel Management Institutes in public and private sectors. There are craft institutes to train people as chefs and cooks. There is no dearth of Jobs in Tourism Industry. There are Colleges and Universities which are providing Bachelors and Master level courses in Tourism and Travel Management.
Where Are The Jobs In Tourism Industry?

Airlines: Airlines are the major Travel Industry employers, offering a host of Jobs at various jobs ranging from entry point to Top Management. The jobs are: Reservation Agents,Flight Attendents including Air Hostesses,Maintenance Staff,Aircraft Mechenic etc.
Travel Agencies and Tour Operators: Travel Agents are mostly retailers who deal with Air-Tickets as a Product.There may be smaller Travel Agents as well. The Tour Operators are Tour organizers and mainly they are of three types: Dometic, Inbound and Outbound.They normally don’t undertake Ticketing as a major source of Income. They normally need Tour Planners, Tour Escorts, Publicity and Reservation Specialists, Transport Co-coordinators etc.

Hotels, Motels and Resorts: They Handle the Accommodation aspect of Tourism. They need people at different levels eg: General Managers, Resident Managers, Accountants, Management Trainees, Director of Human Resource and Personnel, Director of Sales and Marketing. Staffs and Executives at clerical and Executive levels

Transport Companies: Companies owning Transport Fleet needs drivers,Guides,etc.

Cruise Industry: A multi billion dollar cruise Industry has all the jobs needed in hotels and restaurants

Besides that there are opportunities in Food Joints, Entertainment, Recreation and Leisure Industry. Travel and Tourism Organizations like WTO, IATA, IATO etc as well as Travel Media and Research Organizations

Where To Study Tourism And Travel Management: There are Universities and Colleges in the Public as well as private sector offering Courses in Tourism and Travel Management. Then there are Vocational Institutions imparting the Tourism Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma. We have started a Travel Educational Initiative know as Learn Tourism in Delhi to educate IGNOU BTS,MTM,DTS Courses as well as Diploma in Tourism Programme.You can visit us at to know us better. We also help you in terms of placement assistance.We do help them in terms of Tourism Project Reports,Case-Studies etc. We are physically present at New Delhi.


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Hai i am Nirmal.and i am a student of BTS 1st year. I want to be a interpritor And i want to work in goverment department.


Hello Nirmal,
Welcome to

Please decide a language in which u want to be an interpretor. Even English, French, German etc.Please visit visit for more details or u can call on the mobile number and tal to me for further help. where are u based.

lavasa pune

Nice post. Yes i do agree with you that career options are increasing in the tourism and hospitality industry. Specially in India demands of luxury hotels are increasing so highly. Thanks for sharing this information with me. Keep sharing this.


Thats great, Finally u guys have made it.It has been lots of controversy as HCC,s Lavasa Township and Mr Ajit Gulabchands dream.Now Tourisms Multiplier Effect dream will be reaped and everybody will be benifited.Congratulations Again,Best Regards

Mukul Meena

hello sir,
my name is mukul and i am the student of BTS 2nd year.i want to make career in tourism as a tourist is it enough to do BTS or need to do any other course for that.after completing the BTS is it OK to do MTS or should i focus on MBA.

learn tourism

Dear Mukul,

It depends on your perspercive.Try to get some work experience in Tourism Industry as an escort while doing BTS.If you want to become a Guide its better to get Guides License from Department of Tourism or IITTM.Having exposure of some Foreign Language throughly will be good for you.MBA will be more of business oriented and MTS (MTM ) will be more for Tourism oriented.MBA will open the window of opportunities from other Industries also.However MTS will limit you to Tourism only.For any further details feel free to get in touch with us at Contact Numbers

Join us on
Pankaj Kumar

Lalit Regar


My name is Lalit Regar I’m pursuing Master in Tourism Management from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. I’ve prior experience in Hotel industry in Front Office and Reservation Department. I want to be an tour escort but the thing I want to know that is this mandatory to have a License issued by Tourism Dept. for Escorting a Tour ?? As to get a license for tour guide is not that easy because the policy of Ministry of Tourism Dept.

One more thing that I want to learn foreign language but don’t know which language should I learn ? French language will be in my course during 3rd and 4th semester.

I was wondering if you can help me in this regard.


Lalit Regar

learn tourism

Dear Lalit,

Mastering any language is good esp French,German or Spaninsh etc.

chinese and japanese bit tough but quite in demand.

Learn any one of them well.


Vinod kumar

Hello sir am student of bts from ignou i just make my life as a manager in torism sector and wanna be transleter .So it is enough course for tourism and i wanna learn japanese language so it is good for trourism sector.


Dear Sir,

I completed MBA Tourism as well as MA Tourism working in Maldives as a Teacher in Tourism.I would like to go aborad as a Teacher in Tourism Can you please guide me?

learn tourism

Its tough to get Job in Government sector and easier in Private Sector.



learn tourism

Go and Join IAS.
Otherwise there is lots of opportunity in Private setor

Pankaj Kumar

learn tourism

Please apply at the International Colleges Universities that You are Interested in


learn tourism

Please clear IAS/PCS an do it.

Otherwise Private sector is better

Learn Tourism

learn tourism

Start Applying to Foreign University, is good website

priyanka pandav

Hello sir,my name is priyanka.and m doing bsc hospitality mgt last year.i confused what i do after this graduation.. Nd my intrested in food what i do?

Simi Shaji

Dear Sir, i have done MTM from ignou ,i would like to get a govt job in tourism sector ,which all are the possible posts for me.i have also done FOM (front office management) from KITTS ,trivandrum .i am from kerala



learn tourism

Pls Do UGC Net..and clear it and apply for the Lecturership

Ankit Prasad

Sir I am doing BTS 2ND yr from IGNOU.Please suggest me a good university for Master degree in Tourism Administration

learn tourism

Full Time Devi Ahilya Indore ; Pondicherry; Kurulsetra

Distance -IGNOU


learn tourism

Try KTDC or Any private sector Hotel or Travel Agency

learn tourism

Do a Coursse in Hotel Management; Food Processing or Nutrition Dietician Course

Rajarshee Chakraborty

I am planning to do a Pg diploma in tourism management from Tezpur University …What kind of jobs can I get upon completion of the program? ?

learn tourism

Rajshree Chakraborty, Tezpur University is a prestigious University and Good for Tourism Course.It opens the Avenue for Tour Operator Hospitality and Travel Journalism Courses. Regards Learn Tourism Pankaj Kumar

saivinod Venkata

Hello my name is saivinod I am doing my MBA tourism and hotel management first year how to get a nice job in countries like France and Germany after finishing my MBA


Hi sir,

I am glad that I am writing this to you.I really felt very happy for this site and really very helping for the students who are willing to make their career in Tourism industry as many are unaware of this Industry.I am perusing My 3rd year of BTS. I would like to know what are the career opportunities for me in future to get a job based on this industry.

learn tourism

Till now u msut be Knowing lot about Tourism..Make good CV dear..send to your favourite Company Walkin..and get linked..n Job..Best of Luck Pankaj Kumar

learn tourism

Get Some Experince ..Learn respective Langauge..after that getting job is not that tough..

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