Why Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi an Alchemist

Why Narendra Modi​ is an Alchemist(who Turns stone into Gold)


  • In lesser than One Years ..If u Invested INR 18000 IN SENSEX that would have been INR 29,000..WHOPPING 11,000 INR GAIN

1) Wear a gifted pinstriped suit costing Rs 7,000 with your name
2) Turn it into a hype.
3) Allow media (& critics like Rahul Gandhi) to speculate that it is Rs 10 lakh suit.
4) After few days, keeping up with the annual tradition of auctioning all gifts, auction this suit as well.
5) Since everyone thinks this is Rs 10 lakh, the final auction amount will be in tens of crores of rupees.
6) Use the money for girls education and Clean Ganga Fund

So what you will look for in the Prime-Minite

r an Alchemist Indeed.

Clean Ganga Check

Narendra Modi Clean Ganga Check

suit of Narendra Modi

Famous suit of Modi



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