My Dream- A Student Dreams

My dream  –

Sabse Khatarnak hota hai sapne ka mar jana

(It is very dangerous, to die down your dreams)

One day i saw a blissful dream at night. I saw a my wonderful world . My dream is  to become a celebrity,.i want earn lots of money name and fame also . some times before,  my dream was to become  a CBI officer, and i weared dress of CBI officer, and keep guns on my west. But after some time my dream  changed to become a cbi officer to a famous celebrity. My dream is how can i go to Mumbai in midas modeling, and shoot my portfolio and give the audition’s for t.v serial’s modeling and movies. Finally, i want to have own big house, my family should have for these own personal room. I want to prove my self, i want to full fill my mom desire, she expected lots of thing for me. That’s why, i want to become a celebrity and fulfill my mom’s dream, that dream is not only for me because that dream is my mom also.Finally i pray the god please full fill my dream.

Rachna Baharadwaj


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