Reasons of Riches of Parsis in the poor Nation -India

Who are Parsis

The Parsis are the religious community from Iran who spread away to diffrent nation after advent of Islam there.

They are wonderful, Handsome and beautiful,hardworking,enterprising community of which Tata belong,Some of the prominent Parsi’s are Nanai A Palkivala a one of the brillaint legal mind and Dada Bhai Naurozi who was first President of Indian National Congress.

Today”s Newspaper Dainik Bhaskar and Times of India came with the News as below

“New Delhi: With the Planning Commission setting the minimum sustenance level required for poor in urban areas at Rs 29 per day, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet redefined poor Parsi as one who earns less than Rs 90,000 per month.  

According to a report published in The Times of India, revising the eligibility criteria for the subsidised community apartment, BPP said that now Parsis earning less than Rs 90,000 per month will get apartments.” ( News from Dainik Bhaskar 12 June 2012)

Why this community is so rich that they consider a person earning INR 90,000 per Month as a poor Man and provide them community hosing facility,In the nation where Prime Minister says a person earning more than INR 32 per day is above poverty line

The reason is : This community is very enterprising and believes in quality of everything they do.I am fortunate enough to work with one of those companies in the past.I that was TCI (Travel Corporation India Pvt Ltd) whose then director used to be Mr Behram P. Dumasia who was the director and the father figure of the company in Delhi.I closely wathed their lifestyle.They were true conossieurs of the art,Gourmet and Culture.I heard their used to be one meal coming from Taj and second meal from the Oberoi in Delhi.Just a rumour probably but that was the class and finese they had,

The Story behind the Parsis coming to India :When left their loving Nation Persia ( Iran) they came near Gujrat . They asked the permission of the king to reside there.The king told if i permit you what will you give in the return : The parsis replied 11) Permit me to put my Fireplace,2)Give me permission to reside here.In return he asked the king a bowl of milk and Sugar.And parsi asked the spoon also and stirred the milk, The Sugar sweetened the milk.Till that time onwards this community has been sweetening the whole nation India through their enterprising nature,Nobleness and generosity. Be it Tata in Business or Palkivals in law,Dada Bhai Naurozi in politics.And many more… in the tradition till Boman Irani,John etc

So if they are so enterprising,then why not Parsi with less than 90,000 per Month income will be a poor person.Kudos to the enterprising and sweet nature of Parsi”s. Hurrah.Everybody would be like to be that of extinct community.




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