Tour Itinerary of South Delhi

Best Attractions located in South Delhi


In a south Delhi there are many temple, historical, hotels, and market is available

There are a large number of cinema theatre are also available. There are many more Delhi University College is available. So I can defined some historical .and temple first

We can start Chhatarpur Temple



Chhatarpur Temple


Chhatarpur Temple is located in the main gurgaon mehrauli road .at a close distance

Between chhatarpur and qutab minar .in a chhatarpur there are number of temples

Is built relatively and devoted goddess durga .This temple is famous for its modern and

Its architecture .who people come from across the city and who visit the chhatarpur.

During this period they become very happy and this time will be very pleasure time .the complex has a number of temples dedicated to other god and goddess like there are many god and goddess are established here .like Bishnu,Ganesh ,Laxmi, and Shiva .

There are every day morning and evening laxmi and Shiva prayers conduct here .though the every year there are a very crowed devotes seen at the time of durga puja so I can say that in addition to being a religious and and worship place is chhattarpur mandir play a key role at a being a place in Delhi tourism



   Qutab Minar


Qutab minar is a very famous and historical places in Delhi .the qutab minar is located as a mehrauli area .the qutab minar height is around 72.5 miters .at the time when

The king is made mughal emperor he made this minar .because his daughter don’t seen the Yamuna river .then he made this minar and name found by prithvi laat .then the 1200 ad the king made hymaun then the name found by qutab minar .so we can say that in addition to being a historical places and it is a part of Delhi tourism




Lotus Temple

Lotus temple is one of the best places in Delhi .it is one of the remarkable faith .it is located is kalkaji New Delhi .the temple looks like a lotus flower. and he made in marble cement and dolomite and sand the temple is no restrious for visitors and is open for people for all religious .the lotus temple was completed in the year 1986 then the lotus temple is received all the recognition of the world .the temple splendid architecture design . Many more architect are work here .but the main credit goes to the permission architect FARIBORZ SANBA from Canada .in addition to being a pleasuring and a happy places .the lotus temple play a key role in the Delhi tourism.




Safdarjung Tomb

Delhi is all about Mughal architecture and is very that mean say that this is a historical

Place .It shows the glory of Mughal empire and the tomb is located in main ring road safdargung and is also known as Safdarjung Maqbara .the tomb in a remarkable structure in Mughal Empire in India. Hyamyun tomb is made by  the order of 1565 AD By Hamida Banu Begum

She was a widow of humayun .many more people who interested seen this tomb. And in addition to like this is a very and play a key role in Delhi tourism



   Other places


And a South Delhi there are a lot of number of markets are available like this


Sarojani Nagar market

Ina market

Nehru place

South ext


In south Delhi there are many hotels, cinema theatre, market, malls, market and Delhi university colleges such as Acharya Narendra Dev College, Delhi institute of Phramacutical science and research centere, Dayal singh College and many more college and there a lot of market are available like ina markets, this markets is a very big markets and it famous for .domestic and readymade garments .there are also more then markets and shops are available .south extension .also famous for domestic and garments goods .there is a large number of shops and garments shops are available .and many more institutions are available here . this market open for whole day .and Lajpat Nagar is also a very big market .this is also a big market and famous for garments and readymade the market is closed for Monday .and there are many cinemas theatre are available like P.V.R and many more and a south delhi there are many hospitals are available here .Asia’s best computer markets are located in Nehru place .Tourism and Travel is a central theme of South Delhi.






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