Tourism and Water-Happy World Tourism Day 2013

We at Learn Tourism Wish each and every Worker,Executives,Managers,Students,Teachers who are associated with the Tourism Industry World Tourism Day 2013.Who by having themselves Sleepless Nights makes other dream come True.


Tourism not only generates Revenue and creates the Multiplier Effect for the Economy but enhances peace, Prosperity and Friedndship in the society.Tourism is all about making other Dream come True so we are known as Dream Sellers.


This years 2013 World Tourism Day Theme is Water Theme.There is lot of Sync in both as both Symbolizes life and Liveliness.Water is scarce resource.It has been said this will be the reason for the Next World War.So there is need to conserve Water as well as Tourism.We at strive for the same.We will be keep doing so to achieve our endeavor.


Water and Tourism Relationship

Water and Tourism Relationship


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