Tourism Marketing and its Importance

Tourism Marketing and its Importance

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world as well as the one of the world’s most competitive one. This competition is constantly growing as more and more destinations seek to attract tourists and more companies and organizations become involved in the highly skilled business of destination planning, transportation, accommodation and catering for the tourists In India itself the estimated foreign exchange receipts of India from tourism increased from US$ 11.39 billion in 2009 to US$ 14.19 billion in 2010. In 2010 India crossed the 5.58 million arrivals mark of foreign tourists and the domestic tourist flow in the country in 2009 was estimated to be 650 million.

All these figures give you an idea of the growing market as well as the role being played by tourism in the economies of the nations. India has still more potential to attract foreign tourists as well as encourage domestic tourism. But this potential can be converted into a reality through vigorous marketing of the tourism products and services. Gradually the tourism market is maturing and competition is already increasing.

According to krippendort “Tourism marketing is to be understood as the systematic and coordinated execution of business policy by tourist undertakings whether private or state owned at local, regional , national or international level to achieve the optimal satisfaction of the needs of identifiable consumer groups, and in doing so to achieve an appropriate return.” Marketing is an essential part of running a business. In case of tourism marketing, it involves all managerial activities of services firm or organizations are perform with the customer in mind and treating him as the hub of the firm. The customer’s needs, wants and desires are analyzed and categorized, the service marketer then goes back to his service design centre to develop service offer especially for the customer. The service fIrm with as entire energy then is channeled to appropriately use its marketing mines to produce and delivered. The offer to the customer much better than the compaction.

Charectaristics of Tourism Product

Tourism Products are Intangible Parishable; Hetrozenous in nature.So selling once offerings becomes more challenging and trickier as the proposition is mostly feeling and Touch based. India being such a diverse country posses big challenge to the destination Marketers as How to Brand and Market India as a unique destionation.Can it be sold as a single unit or different states branded themselves in their own ways like Kerala branding itself as Gods own Country and Rajasthan as Padharo Mharo Desh.That is why Amitabh Kant put his efforts to Brand it as an Incredible destination.Should it be Credible? That is the question,like this every state district posses similar questions in terms of policy,Planning and Execution.

We at Learn Tourism New Delhi decode these charectaristics of the services enable make you better Tourism Marketeer.We help you polish your personality and skills which helps you in getting better Jobs in the Market.

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