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To Learn Tourism
Dear Sir,
Hope that you are fine with good health. Alhamdulillah here we are fine. The reason of delay of feed back which you ask me earlier is to have my complete result and now its over and i have my compelete result. Hope that you will happy to know that my result is good except only one paper which is not clear (FST1). Rest of the all paper is clear. Below is my result.
Course Code Asgn1 Asgn2 Asgn3 Asgn4 Term End Theory Term End Practical Status
AOM1 72 72 36 Completed
EEG3 76 76 40 Completed
FEG1 68 68 40 Completed
FEG2 65 65 46 Completed
FHS1 74 74 47 Completed
FST1 72 72 28 Not Completed
PTS4 66 Completed
PTS5 63 Completed
PTS6 67 Completed
TS1 67 67 40 Completed
TS2 70 70 40 Completed
TS3 76 76 40 Completed
TS4 67 67 53 Completed
TS5 69 69 48 Completed
TS6 74 74 46 Completed
Inshallah in jun12 i will apper in (FST1) and than i will take addmission in Masters In tourism.
Sir, if you have any good idea about my further education in tourism industry please let me know (as i want to study upto PHD in the tourism industry) even if you want me to change any good university any where in the world
Thank you very much for your all coopration towards to me.

Mohammad Ahsanuddin
Al-Attas Travel


dear Learn Tourism,                 i got my
pts4&5 result and i got 72&75 i am very very happy with the
marks. a special thanks to u. i would not be possible without u.
regards                         malay das


3) I am confident Iwill clear the MTM Project . It was only with your support that My proposal got approved .


Nishant Kumar – IGNOU MTM Synopsis help.

Kajal Sanju ; IGNOU MTM Projects

      Thanks for your help, i got 55 marks in mtm 16.
Kajal Kumari


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3 Responses to “What our Students say about Learn Tourism – Students Testimonials”

b mohanta

will u pls tell me the how much time u take to send the ignou mtm 16 project and what would be the exact cost of the project. pls give reply as soon as possible

learn tourism

it will take 15 days to one Month Time as it is custom made

learn tourism

As Advised if you take the Pattachiitra of Oddissa as a Topic.

We help you with discount rates.Let us know if interested.


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