Word of Mouth (WOM Recommendations) regarding IGNOU BTS Project Guiadence and Tourism Courses

23 Apr 2012
” Dear Sir,
Hope that you are fine with good health. Alhamdulillah we are fine here too. Is that possible can i give your address and mobile number to other student ( BTS). As they need some help to make some project in BTS.”Mohammad Ahsanuddin
Al-Attas Travel

Above is the statement of one of the student who took our services in the past.
The rule of marketing says :” The last person to buy from you is the most likely to buy again and buy soon.” This statement testifies as we have many repeat sales from the existing customers.A repeat customer doesn”t happen by accident.A repeat customer or word of mouth recommendation is the result of relationship one can build through Excellant Customer Service.
” Care for your customer and they will return ‘
Customer relationship building Tips for the companies :
1) Make use of Autoresponders- getting your message in from of your customers is critical point.when a new customer comes on board they should automatically receive an auto-email.
2) Send them your message with with contact email address,Phone number or mailing address.If they wish to get in touch then they can ?
3)Upgrade the client to a better deal at no extra cost.The clients love to see that you are not after money.
There are incentives involved to becoming a service-driven company.In contrast a poor services has a cost of penalty involved to it.It costs five times as much to out and get a new customer as to retain those we already have.
According to a research the average person who has bad service experience tells at least nine others about it and and 13 % of complaint relate their experience to more than Twenty other  people.In comparision people who receive silent service only tell three or four others about it.
Good customer care matters because keeping existing customers is easier than finding new ones.A satisfied customer will do a lot of advertising for us.Most people consider doing business with certain company because of recommendation by a friend or acquaintances.A dissatisfied customer spread the bad news and undermine your business.which ultimately threatens the business existence.
We at Learn Tourism www.learntourism.com believe in the excellent customer service in terms of delivering Top quality Tourism Courses in Delhi, India and globally as well.We deliver high quality customized Tourism Projects- IGNOU BTS Projects and IGNOU MTM Projects where customer is not lnly the king but the God.We strrive for Excellance… long Live Learn Tourism… Hurrrah


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